West of the Mackenzie Delta

The area of the ISR west of the Mackenzie Delta and east of Ivvavik National Park.

Warnings & Restrictions

The following waters are closed to sport fishing:

  • The Big Fish River and its tributaries

Management Offices

Fisheries Joint Management Committee

The co-management board established under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement to assist Canada and the Inuvialuit in administering the rights and obligations related to fisheries under the agreement.

Address : 76 Mackenzie Road, PO Box 2120, Inuvik, NT, X0E 0T0
Phone : (867) 777-2828
Fax : (867) 777-2610
Email : stacey.challinor@jointsec.nt.ca
Staff Members
stacey challinor

Aklavik Hunters & Trappers Committee

The AHTC represents the Inuvialuit interest in wildlife in the Aklavik area and advises the Inuvialuit Game Council and ISR co-management boards on local matters.

Address : PO Box 133, Aklavik, NT, X0E 0A0
Phone : (867) 978-2723
Fax : (867) 978-2627
Email : aklavikahtc@gmail.com
Staff Members